Sunday, 15 September 2013

Current (and recommended) Chrome extensions

Some would call it unorganised, I suppose.
  1. Adblock Plus - for intrusive sites.
  2. Awesome Screenshot - To capture entire pages, usually lists.
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop - Controlling my home computer from anywhere if needed.
  4. Clearly (by Evernote) - Converts a site into a perfectly readable layout by removing unnecessary objects.
  5. Download Master - Downloading all links in a website.
  6. Evernote Web Clipper - Clips any site to your Evernote folder of choice, integration with the desktop client.
  7. Firebug Lite - For testing purposes.
  8. Ghostery - Blocking trackers.
  9. Chrome to Phone - Send websites to your phone with a single click, useful if you want to download something exclusively on your phone.
  10. Google Dictionary - One-click/select definition/explanation/lookup of words/phrases/wikis
  11. Holmes - Intelligent lookup for bookmarks (I have thousands).
  12. Hover Zoom - Shows images in full size while hovering.
  13. Lastpass - Password management across platforms/devices and browsers, supports auto-login
  14. Personal blocklist - Allows you to disable sites from appearing in Google.
  15. Reddit Anywhere - Check if any links have been posted to reddit, excellent way to find information about something.
  16. Reddit Enhancement Suite - A given for any frequent Reddit visitors.
  17. ScriptSafe - Disable scripts on websites.
  18. Search by Image - Useful for finding information/an original image/higher resolution of the image you choose to initiate the search with.
  19. Session Manager - Saves the current tabs/windows.
  20. Stylish - Install userstyles.
  21. Tabs Outliner - Excellent tab management, also allows you to save sessions, but I prefer the former
  22. Tampermonkey - Chrome-variant of Greasemonkey, install userscripts.
  23. WikiTube - Adds related YouTube videos in any Wikipedia article.
  24. WOT (Web of Trust) - Shows security-related information about websites and warns you if you enter badly rated ones.
  25. Xmarks Bookmark Sync - Fantastic tool for synchornising bookmarks across platforms/devices and browsers.

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