Thursday, 5 September 2013

Switching back to Chrome from Firefox.

Chrome and Firefox; an everlasting battle consisting of customisation, usability and stability. At least in my case.

Being fairly obsessed with having everything in place and perfect order - Firefox always appealed to me because of its convenient bookmark-management, which Chrome still struggles with.

However,  I was tired of the lack of well-written addons for Firefox - not implying there aren't good ones out there, but Google has a plethora of high quality services that they (for obvious reasons) don't port to Firefox.

Therefore, I decided to once again move back to Chrome. Google's new App Launcher is also quite handy, so that's just one more reason to switch.

I've been using Firefox since 2005 I think, up until 2008 when the first Chrome release was made  publicly available. After that switch I've been switching between them at least once a year.

Here's a screenshot of my current Firefox layout, with the "MZ8"-theme:

Firefox v23.0.1, Windows 8, 05.09.13.

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